Sanjay Tandon

Sanjay Tandon, born on 10 September 1963, is the President of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Chandigarh. Sanjay Tandon is a chartered accountant. He is also a Cost & Works Accountant. He is the Secretary of Competent Foundation – an NGO working for Charitable purposes. Sanjay Tandon was born on 10 September 1963 as the son of Sh. Balramji Dass Tandon at Amritsar. His father, a former Pracharak of the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh and a freedom fighter passed on the spirit of patriotism and service to society to Sanjay Tandon in his DNA.

Sanjay Tandon attended Tagore Model School at Amritsar until 1977. The family then shifted to Chandigarh at the time of Sh. Parkash Singh Badal’s formation of the Ministry. He attended DAV School in Chandigarh and, thereafter, DAV College for a year. Later, he did a B.Com (with Honours in Accounts) from the Govt College Chandigarh. He became a Chartered Accountant in 1986 and a Cost and Works Accountant in 1988.

The Structure of India says, “…….empire of the people, for the people and by the people…..” Sanjay wants to make the government indeed of, for and by the people. He believes that how else can one prove each country’s citizen is in development? Most of our literate lot does not care to search for time to cast their vote. How can you sit back and grouse about dirty governance if you don’t make a clean government? A minute of your time to cast your vote in favour of a change for goodness will ensure five years of stability.

Sanjay regards India as devoid of poverty. A nation where everyone is protected, nobody sleeps on a hungry tummy, and there is literacy for all people. He has hence, chosen Chandigarh as his ground to work upon and set as a model of supremacy in the nation. The words that mentor him are-

Real Facts

Name: Sanjay Tandon

Full Name: Sanjay Tandon

Residence:  Chandigarh, India

Birth Date: September 10, 1963 (age 50)

Education: B.Com (Hons.), Chartered Accountant, CWA from Institute of Cost Accountants of India

Occupation: Chairman of Competent Group

Place Of Birth: Amritsar, India

Religion: Hinduism

Spouse: Priya S Tandon

Children’s: Two

Nationality: Indian