Ajay Goyal-Burail Shopkeepers yearn for change

Ajay Goyal, the independent candidate from Chandigarh, is getting popular because of his friendliness and openness amongst the local electorate. Today he met the shopkeepers of Burail, Sector 20, Sector 21 and Sector 18 markets. He spent time with each and every shopkeeper and customers one to one. While some shopkeepers raise issues of national politics and commend him for standing in elections, others offer their blessings and good wishes. He spent time with those asking questions and raising issues and urged them all, including the shoppers in their shops, to participate in the world’s biggest democratic process by exercising their franchise for cleaner and efficient governance. “Most important things is to vote. If you vote after consideration that’s even better. And a vote for me is “Sone Pe Suhaga,” He says to laughter of those present. He is getting commitments from people to exercise their vote.

He interacted with kids accompanying their parents into the shops and checked about their studies, sports and other interests and developed good rapport with them.

As always on his campaign he asks those smoking Biri to give up smoking and those chewing Tobacco and Paan to stop bad habits. “I need healthy votes, India needs healthy Indians. Please try to give up these habits.” Many people take a vow to stop the habit there and then.

When asked by some shopkeepers about the deficiencies of the current members of parliament and how he is different from them, Goyal says he won’t criticize others. He emphasised his personal credentials, his education, experience and manifesto on Education, Sports and Culture and development.

The shopkeepers promised him support and welcomed the change that he is bringing through use of his education, knowledge, experience and world-wide exposure.

Goyal also got himself a haircut from a barber in Burail. The barber was delighted to have a long conversation with an MP candidate. Thousands of residents of Burail came out to see and meet with Goyal who has now visited all main markets and communities four or five times

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