MC Election

BJP Clean Sweep Chandigarh MC Polls From 21 Seats Out Of 26

BJP and Akali Dal clean sweeps in Chandigarh MC elections. BJP won 21 out of 26 seats, and Congress settled for only four and one by an independent candidate.

Mrs. Farmila Devi won from Ward No. 6, including Dadu Majra Colony, Dadu Majra and Shah Pur. BJP chief Amit Shah said that every win in the elections after November 8 proves that people have approved the demonetisation decision of the government while Claiming the win.

Today’s win is really a big boost for BJP and ¬†Akali Dal for the upcoming assembly elections. In Chandigarh, BJP has launched massive celebrations after the results of the MC elections and seen another thumbs up for the demonetisation move of PM ¬†Narendra Modi.

The BJP has held that people support this move against corruption despite the inconvenience they are facing, and they recognise that this is just a short-term inconvenience for the long term again.


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