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BJP committed to all-round development of Chandigarh: Jain

30_sector• Jain Performs padyatra in sector 30, Market of sector 34, weighed against coins
• “Time to get rid of those dishing out false promises, excuses for five years”

BJP candidate for Chandigarh Lok Sabha constituency Mr Satya Pal Jain appealed to the wise and educated citizens of Chandigarh to vote decisively and get rid of the five year misrule of the Congress party. He said time has come to get rid of those who have been dishing out false promises and excuses for the entire five year term of the present Lok Sabha. Jain said no MP from Chandigarh in the last 45 years has been as helpless and as the present one.

He said the Congress MP, drunk on power and wealth, has not been able to get any of the problems of Chandigarh solved. If you have an MP who is a minister in the centre and still he says that officers do not listen to him; whose government is full of corruption and whose administration is behaving like a property dealer; he has no moral right to seek your vote again. Mr Jain held the Congress MP and union government minister fully responsible for all excesses, corruption and demolitions in the city over the last five years.

Addressing public meetings in sector 40, 18 and 26 Mr Jain said he is committed to all-round development of Chandigarh . He performed padyatra in sector 30 for two hours this morning and went round seeking votes from door to door. In sector 30 he was accorded warm welcome by the people who garlanded him, distributed sweets and assured full support to him. A large number of women applied tilak to Mr Jain. In the evening Mr Jain performed padyatra in sector 34 market and furniture market where he was weighed against coins.

In a public meeting held in sector 40 Mr Jain said BJP does not believe in empty or false promises. Whatever we promise, we shall deliver and in the next election we shall ask for your votes on the basis of our performance. Congress has played fraud on the people and the people of Chandigarh will punish it this time. Mr Jain said that to ensure that youth of Chandigarh get more jobs BJP, on coming to power in the centre, will formulate a new employment policy for Chandigarh . Job oriented industry will be encouraged in Chandigarh and new projects will be brought to Chandigarh . To ensure that every citizen can contribute to the development of Chandigarh , peoples participation in the process of development.

Mr Jain said a helpline will be established to ensure that senior citizens get health and other needed facilities. Four CGHS dispensaries will be established in various sectors of the city to ensure that retired and serving central government employees get health facilities near their places of residence. Southern sectors will be developed on line with the northern sectors and facilities like Banks, post offices, bus queue shelters for school students, modern parks etc will be provided in these sectors.

To ensure better facilities to government employees Chandigarh will be given Class a status. To ensure that local youth get jobs in Chandigarh a services selection board will be established in Chandigarh . All necessary steps will be taken to improve the law and order situation in Chandigarh . The administration will be made accountable to the citizens.

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