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BJP to ensure Indian money in Swiss banks is brought back, used for development, Dr. Subramanian Swamy of JANATA PARTY declares support for Jain

Satya Pal Jain– Those projecting Rahul as ‘hope of India’ denigrating office of PM: Jain
– Jain questions commitment of Congress MP representing Chandigarh to city

Mr Satya Pal Jain in his interaction with media persons on this occasion said instead of joining BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Mr LK Advani in a debate the Congress party is trying to evade the major issues and objecting to Dr Manmohan Singh being termed as the weakest PM as denigration of the office of the Prime Minister while its own leaders are projecting Mr Rahul Gandhi as the hope of India and denigrating the office of the Prime Minister everyday. Mr Jain said the comments by Congress leaders denying any information about the quantum of Indian funds lying in foreign banks show their complicity. He said this money must be brought back to India, on coming to power in the centre BJP will ensure that this money is brought back to India and used for development of the nation.

Mr Jain put the Congress party and the union government on the mat by saying that the government is claiming fall in inflation while the prices continue to rise. This he said is a clear signal that the government has failed to reign in prices. He reiterated that development of Chandigarh has been stalled because of continuing battle of egos between the Chandigarh Administrator and Congress MP who is also a minister in the centre and between leaders of various factions of Congress party. Mr Jain questioned the commitment of Congress MP representing Chandigarh to the city and asked is he not aware that funds to the tune of hundreds of crores have been kept as fixed deposits by Municipal Corporation controlled by his party and Chandigarh housing board.

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