Lok Sabha Election

Corruption People Separately From Upcoming Lok Sabha Elections Says Manish Tiwari

Union information and broadcasting Minister and MP Ludhiana Manish Tiwari on Wednesdays says People who facing the accusation of corruption separately from upcoming Lok Sabha election should Of his own accord step separately till the brawl befall. The Ludhiana MP replaying the question by his party contest corrupt leader. Congress party views conflict over farmer railway minister Pawan Kumar bansal having got a ticket from Chandigarh lok sabha seat. It’s made clamors in Chandigarh media.

The Ludhiana MP says the CBI court ordered imposed against bansal nephew Vijay Singhla in the 10 rs crore for railway scam. Bansal who was made a imputation witness acceptance give by CBI judge. Tiwari However, environ queries if he himself favored bansal candidate from Chandigarh. It’s not question of invidual. Peoples who adhered the party and follow the rules of party honorably in the past.

But given the consistent position who has taken on sincerity in public lives, the decision is left on the public. A source says Tiwari seeking Chandigarh Lok Sabha seat congress party earlier declared if bansal name was not declared.

Tiwari who was studied in Chandigarh ST JOHN School has 50-50 chance to win upcoming Lokh Sabha election taken participate contest from Lok Sabha seat Ludhiana. He had lost debut election 2004. But he wins the 2009 Lok Sabha seat. Promiscuous attempts by TOI to reach bansal but his mobile remained Switch off. According to official statics Union Territory capital of Punjab and Haryana has a population nearly 11.9 lakh upcoming election youth plays a crucial role to electing the MP. Chandigarh represented four times Lok Sabha MP Pawan Kumar Bansal?

Sources says Congress defensive Bansal s for upcoming Lok Sabha seat Chandigarh after protest by bansal top leader backing him impress over his name and filed him Lok Sabha seat consistency seat Chandigarh after so much umbrage for his candidacy.

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