Bharatiya Janata Party


Dear Members of the Media,
1. There can be no development if the security of the nation is not ensured. The security cannot be ensured if the armed forces are not strong and motivated.
2. But the government which should ensure this is totally oblivious of this.. 51 years of constant downslide under congress rule. lowered status.. lowered pay scales.. lowered esteem. even talks of disbandment of defence forces, despite our steady record of keeping india safe from external and internal threat and responding to aid to civil power in our secondary role 24×7……despite one of the greatest masterstroke victories during the bangladesh war…………. 

Mera qaatil hi mera munsif hai. Kya mere haq mein faisla dega? (My slayer is the judge. Can I expect him to give a verdict in my favour?

3. The UPA Government has shown total apathy towards the defence personnel both serving and retired. Our genuine demands have not been accepted. One Rank One Pension (OROP) has been rejected by the Govt without any valid reasons. The demands of serving personnel projected by the Chiefs have also not been addressed. It has taken six months for the Govt to finally accept one of the four demands ie placing Lt Col Officers from PB 3 to PB-4. Here also, the grade pay of Rs 8,000/- has been granted where as the grade pay of civilian counterpart is Rs 8,700/-. The other demands of Jawans of increase of weightage for pension from 50% to 70%, correcting the anomaly of placing DGP rank above the Lt Gen and granting same grade pay as the civilian counter part have not yet been accepted. The Govt. has now announced placing 33% of Lt Gen in HAG plus grade causing more confusion rather than solving the anomaly.

4. In view of the above and also that the Congress Party has not included grant of OROP in its manifesto, the Defence Personnel are unhappy, anguished and hurt at the ways the Govt has ill treated them. Their status has been further downgraded and they have been given raw deal in the fixation of their pay and allowances and pensions.

5. That the BJP and its alliance partners have categorically stated in their manifestos that OROP will be implemented. Accordingly, the IESM has issued an Advisory on 12 April 2009 during the Rally held at Jantar Mantar to all ESM of India to vote and support BJP and its alliance partners in the coming Lok Sabha Elections. This is one time support to the NDA and incase they do not honour their promises as mentioned in their manifestoes, IESM will launch strong protest Movement against them.

6. The grave injustice done to the Defence Forces particularly the award of 6th Pay Commission has given a Strong Cause to the Defence personnel to unite and fight against grave injustice. The Indian ex Servicemen Movement (IESM) was born consequent to this cause as An All India Federation of Ex Servicemen Organisations of all retired personnel of Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. The aim is to bring All Ex Servicemen of India of all the three services under one Umbrella to make them a strong and influential segment of the country to play a constructive role in Nation building activities. The Movement has caught on with great intensity and spread in all parts of the country. One of the reasons of the Govts ignoring the interests of Defence Personnel has been their subjective perceptions that Defence Personnel dont have Vote Power.

7. It is for the information of the Govt and the people of our country that the Defence Personnel have now united PAN India —–thanks to the information technology, improved means of communications and the media. We wish to inform the Nation that the Defence Personnel have become enlightened to the situation and will efficiently and effectively use the Power of their Votes Every village of the country has Defence Personnel who have considerable influence on the population. The time has now come that Defence Personnel will exert through the power of their vote to get the injustice removed and will unitedly project their voice. It is with this in mind the IESM after due deliberations and in the interest of all Defence Personnel have asked them to vote and support BJP and its allies to power to make India strong, vibrant, prosperous, safe and secure.

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