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Haq defends press freedom, files nomination

In a fanfaron manner, RJD Candidate Haffiz Anwar-Ul-Haq, along with the party president Mr Ravinder Kishan and thousands of his supporters filed his nomination from Chandigarh constituency today.

On seeing that the police was not allowing media persons inside along with him, he rose and snubbed the police personnel deployed over there. “I will not allow freedom of the press and the people’s right to information to be curbed,” he announced and refused to go in to file his nomination without them. It was only with the intervention of senior police officials and journalists, he gave in to file his nomination.

As he emerged out after completing the formalities, some of his supporters lifted him on their shoulders amidst the slogan, “Aage Baroh, Hum aapke saath hain” (move ahead, we are with you”.

After filing the nomination, the young contestant addressed the accompanying rally and reiterated his party’s resolve of meeting long-outstanding demands of a Balanced Rent Act, which would ultimately satisfy both landlords and tenants; issuance of SC/ST certificates to the members of the schedule castes and the schedule tribes; increasing the limit of Lal Dora in villages; allotment of 13 type houses on a hire/purchase basis to the allottees; and rehabilitation of people living in various colonies .

“The Rashtriya Janta Dal will strive hard to provide all facilities in the colonies like proper sanitation, water and electricity connections until all the residents are rehabilitated”, committed Mr Haq.

Mr haq walked back to party presidents office among his supporters bearing green flags and lanterns, the election symbol.

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