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Mahabharata star Gajendra Chauhan sees undercurrent for change across the country

BJPAppeals to film/TV fraternity to stick to one ideology

Senior BJP leader and TV star of Mahabharata fame Gajendra Chauhan today said during his campaign tours across the country he has felt an undercurrent for change. “Not only is BJP campaign full of vigour, there is support for BJP at all levels which makes me confident that this time BJP will come to power and Mr LK Advani will become the Prime Minister.”

Addressing media persons here this morning, Mr Chauhan, National Co-convenor of the culture cell of BJP, said Mr Satya Pal Jain is a dynamic and effective leader of BJP. This fact, he said, has been acknowledged by Mr Advani in his recent book “My Country, My Life”. Mr Chauhan who came to Chandigarh to campaign for Mr Jain and addressed a rally here last evening said when BJP comes to power in the centre later this month, Mr Jain will have a big role in the government that will ensure that problems of the people of Chandigarh are taken up and addressed urgently.

Replying to a question Mr Chauhan, who is also an office bearer of Cine Artists Association, said film and TV actors who come to political arena come for either money or office or due to their affinity for a political ideology. Referring to campaigning by some popular movie actors for different, even opposite ideologies, he said just as you can not change your parents you can not change your ideology too.

Appealing to the film/TV fraternity to stick to one ideology Mr Chouhan said in Yudhishthir like tone, for which he became popular during his iconic role in the Mahabharata serial, “while it is fair to have an ideology, changing ones ideology for any such consideration is not fair at all.”

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