Vote Chandigarh A Free Interactive Website For A Stronger Democracy, And Interactive Platform

‘Why crib or grumble for five years, be a part of governance, let us VOTE in 2014’ Ajay Jagga, consulting editor

Chandigarch 26th March, 2014 WWW.VOTECHANDIGARH.COM a free interactive website for a stronger democracy, and interactive platform, for elections of Chandigarh Parliamentary Constituency on the web, is being relaunched at Chandigarh Press Club before the General Election 2014. In order to ensure that more and more people participate in the election process and go to vote, a built-in user registration system has been created that allow people to register and maintain profiles and leave authenticated comments or have discussion on individual issues. Users can submit their press releases, grievances, issues for discussion online by registering for FREE which will be published after approval. People can also send WISH LIST to the candidates. We have also created email id votechandigarh@gmail.com where candidates/people can post their communications for free publishing on website.

The concept of creation of this website is to provide a level playing field irrespective of the party or contesting candidate by providing a free of cost facility of publishing the press notes/releases, efforts, manifestos or other material of public interest of everyone. The website is with additional facility of receiving the comments from the public, worldwide. The site is interactive and is like a window for the elections-2014 of Chandigarh Parliamentary Constituency. We are also sending invitation to all the political parties and independent candidates to send their bio-data for publishing on website so that the people can go through the same.

The aim is that instead of cribbing that the system is not good, it is better to vote and choose the leaders of your choice. The vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised by man for breaking down injustice and destroying the terrible walls which imprison people.

There is a well known phrase i.e. “Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote” by American journalist George Jean Nathan. So the present attempt by way of www.votechandigarh.com is to ensure that that maximum people should vote and ensure that the good & honest leaders/politicians go to parliament.

Like in the Hon’ble Apex Court or various Hon’ble High Courts, whenever a question of extreme importance is to be decided sometimes it is referred to a bench larger than two judges bench which may have three, five or seven judges and it is known as full bench. That means for more accurate conclusion or decision in difficult issues the decision of higher number of Judges matters.

Similarly in a democracy it is very important that maximum voters should vote which will result in better selection or better decision or better results for the nation. Accordingly in order to bring more and more voters of Chandigarh to the voting booths for voting in coming Parliament Elections in Chandigarh Parliamentary Constituency. We shall also be asking the Chief Electoral Officer of Chandigarh and other officials of the Election Commission of India (incharge of Chandigarh) and that the elections related news/circulars/notifications be sent to us on mail so that the same can be published on the website for helping in spreading the same.

The aim is to provide some space to all the candidates as the media has restrictions of space and cannot accommodate views/details/releases of all the candidates. This makes certain independent candidates in a less advantageous position than candidates of political parties.

We shall also be placing articles, details and speeches of eminent personalities of the world on the issue of elections which says that the Government is actually OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE and this thing should never perish.

The message to the voters in the General Elections 2014 is that be interactive and “please vote” to elect good & honest parliamentarians, instead of cribbing that system is bad and leaders are also not good. Let us be a part of governance by voting.

I am thankful to the Megrisoft team (the company which designed the website), which brought my concept into reality by designing the website in a perfect manner. I am also thankful to young & energetic Mr. Kunaal Satija an Engineer who has volunteered himself to the cause of democracy and for votechandigarh.com, till the elections are over.

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