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Vote Jain for development of City; remove indecisive, weak Congress: Dhumal

select_1.. Congress will show photo of Manmohan, give throne to Rahul: Riar
¨ Congress has never fulfilled any promise
¨ BJP has never demolished houses
¨ Massive BJP rallies in Manimajra, Sector 56

Chandigarh April 19, 2009:: Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister and senior BJP leader Prof Prem Kumar Dhumal today asked people of Chandigarh to give their whole hearted support to BJP Candidate from Chandigarh Lok Sabha Constituency Mr Satya Pal Jain in the interest of development of Chandigarh and to rid the country of the weak and indecisive Congress government which like a sinking ship, is being abandoned by most of its UPA allies. Prof Dhumal said Congress party had come to power with the promise of holding hand of common man but has done nothing to fulfil its promise. He castigated the Congress lead UPA government for the spread of corruption and terrorism in the country.

Addressing massive rallies at Manimajra and in Sector 56, Himachal Pradesh CM said Congress party has never fulfilled its promises. In 1971 the party promised to remove poverty as Mrs Indira Gandhi said Garibi hatao, but it failed to do anything like that. In fact the party did exactly the opposite and the slogan was turned on its head when party went on to do garib hatao. At the end of the five years of Congress’s five year term under Dr Manmohan Singh the number of BPL families according to government figures is over 32 crore which is over five crores more than the figure of 27 crore at the end of term of Vajpayee government. Saying that nobody trusts Congress party he said the flight of Maya, Lalu, Paswan, PMK, Mulayam and abandonment by Left is a clear sign that even its “allies” and supporters do not trust Congress.

Recounting the performance of the BJP NDA government Mr Dhumal said the government had given foodgrains to BPL families at very cheap rates – wheat at Rs 2 and rice at Rs 3 per KG – to antyodaya families at the bottom of the poverty. Those senior citizens, who had nobody to care for them, were given totally free foodgrains. Prof Dhumal said Congress governments’ loan waiver for farmers has benefited only 37 percent farmers, he recalled that the BJP has promised to waive all farm loans.

Addressing massive rallies with the HP CM, one in the biggest suburb of Chandigarh and the other in Sec 56, Mr Satya Pal Jain said last times’ mandate to the congress party had resulted in lots of problems to the common man of the country; he cautioned the voters that if congress party comes to power at the centre again it will only add to their problems. He reiterated that Congress MP and Union Minister of State for Finance has cheated the people by not fulfilling any promise. While even poor people have been burdened under heavy taxes, crores of rupees thus collected have not been used for development but kept in fixed deposit accounts. He said the five year rule of Congress party will only be known for Badli (transfers) and Badla (revenge).

Mr Ujagar Singh Wadali Akali Dal MLA from Morinda remarked that while the BJP NDA government had a declared policy of no demolitions, Congress party has gone back on its election time promise and not spared the poor people, it has demolished houses and small shops all round. He delivered the message of Punjab CM Prakash Singh Badal to all Akali Dal supporters to support Mr Jain so that country gets a strong and decisive government at the centre. Mr Gur Pratap Singh Riar, President of Akali Dal unit at Chandigarh cautioned the people that they should not be taken in by the simplicity and honesty of Dr Manmohan Singh and warned them that congress is showing the picture of Dr Manmohan Singh to get the votes but when the time comes it will give throne to Mr Rahul Gandhi. Mr Jasjit Singh ‘Bunny’ son of the late Akali Dal leader Capt Kanwaljeet Singh time for a change has come and asked the people to caste their vote to ensure that Mr Advani becomes Prime Minister and India gets its due place on the high table of the world.

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