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Youth alienated due to neglect by Congress party: Jain

mahilamorcha_jpeg:::Not a single job created in Chandigarh during five year Congress rule
:::BJP Mahila Morcha leaders promise special focus on women’s problems
:::Women complain problems increased during Congress rule
:::BJP Manifesto promises of reservation, better policing, Stipend girl students, Cycles to BPL school-going girls welcomed by women

Candidate of BJP from Chandigarh Parliamentary Constituency Mr Satya Pal Jain today said that not a single youth of Chandigarh has secured a job due to the policy followed by the Congress government at Chandigarh in the last five years.He promised that on coming top power at the centre BJP government will ensure that problems facing the youth of the country are addressed expeditiously. Addressing public meeting in sector 45, sector 55, village Burail and Village Attawa he said during his five year tenure in spite of having been a minister in the central government has not done anything to generate a single job for youth of Chandigarh. He said even the much touted National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme does not apply to Chandigarh.

Mr Jain said on coming to power in the centre BJP government will focus on employment generation to take care of job needs of the youth. Youngman going in for higher studies and professional education will be able to get loans at 4 percent rate of interest and Information technology education will be made widely available to generate self employment opportunities. Mr Jain said new job opportunities’ for city and village youth will be the focus of BJP government, professional education institutes will be opened in large number to generate 1.20 crore employment opportunities every years. In order to make India an e-superpower BJP government will make sure that each young man and women has access to computer and internet.

He said involvement of youth in decision making process will be ensured. The party will formulate policies to ensure that members of SC, ST and minorities get jobs soon after completing education. A sum of Rs 5000 crore will be provided for promotion of sports among the youth. BJP government will promote use of yoga and indigenous system of medicine.

Coming down heavily on the Congress leadership Mr Jain said Congress party has not made any policy for job generation or for promoting education and sport for the youth. He said that the local MP and the union minister of state for finance has not done anything for the youth and as result the youth have become alienated from the system. As a result they have fallen prey to bad habits like crime, taking intoxicants etc. He blamed Congress party for the mess it has created.
BJP Mahila Morcha
Major problems of women have remained unaddressed during the five year rule of Congress Party in Chandigarh. This common complaint is coming out repeatedly during the daily interactions of BJP Mahila Morcha leaders with women voters in various sectors. State BJP Vice President Mrs Asha Verma, State BJP Mahila Morcha President Dr Ramnik Sharma, Vice President of Mahila Morcha Mrs Shashi Bala Jain and other senior leaders during today’s women’s meeting in village Behlana heard numerous complaints about high prices, which have made kitchen budget unsustainable, and problems caused by reduction in monthly quota of kerosene which has made it difficult to keep the kitchen fires burning.

Other problems mentioned by women included insecurity due to poor policing which means women become victims of Chain/purse snatchings molestations etc. and unemployment, need for a separate model school for girls. Mrs Verma and Mrs Jain promised that on coming to power in the centre BJP will make sure that prices are kept in check, more policemen are recruited to control crime in the city and make sure that kerosene quota is increased and the number kerosene distribution outlets increased to ensure that nobody has to walk more then one kilometer to get kerosene.

The women who attended the meeting were told by the women BJP Leaders about the various women centric plans included in the manifesto of the party – including a 33 percent reservation for women in all legislative bodies, a bank account for each adult woman with an initial deposit of Rs 1500 to be contributed by the government, Ladli Lakshmi scheme under which every school going girl will be given a monthly stipend and grant of Rs 1.10 lakh on attaining the age of 21 years, gift of a cycle to every school going BPL girl and doubling of the wages of all aanganwari workers. The women attending the meeting welcomed the policy provisions of BJP Manifesto and promised full support to Mr Satya Pal Jain and full participation by women in polling.

During the interaction at Behlana Mrs Shashi Bala Jain honoured several women workers of the village including Mrs Raksha Rani, Mrs Tej Kaur, Mrs Kavita Katoch, Mrs Bimla Devi and Mrs Shobha Sharma

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