Indian National Congress

City has seen record development in last 5 yrs-Bansal

Q:What are your party’s main issues in the forthcoming elections?

Development is the buzzword and the Congress would ensure that the developmental works undertaken at the city and national level were taken to their logical conclusion during the next five years. Infrastructure, health, education and housing sector will continue to remain on the priority list of the Congress if voted to power in the forthcoming elections. 

Q:What is your party’s USP?

As the most-secular and development-oriented party, the Congress under the dynamic leadership of UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and economist-turned-prime minister Manmohan Singh had been able to minimise the ill-affects of the worldwide recession.At the local level, Chandigarh has witnessed unprecedented development.

Q:How do you view your opponents?

I have no comments to make on my opponents.In fact, people will answer this question on D-day on May 13 through the ballot.

Q:Should Chandigarh be retained as UT?

The question of retaining Chandigarh as UT has virtually been decided and I see no reason for the change in the status quo.

Q:Do you favour mega projects for the city?

I am for selective mega projects in the city depending upon their utility for the city. For instance, there is no need for the medicity and fruit and vegetable terminal market for the city while international airport, modern raliway station, educity, IT park and metro should be set up after carefully examining them on their individual merit.

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