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Pawan Bansal has lost moral right to ask for votes: NDA leaders

mr_satya_pal_jain_with_former_mayor_ms_harjinder_kaur_during_padyatra_in_sector_34Chandigarh State BJP President Mrs Kamla Sharma, General Secretary Mr Sanjay Tandon, former state BJP presidents Mr Yash Pal Mahajan, Mr Dharam Pal Gupta and Mr Jai Ram Joshi along with former mayor Ms Harjinder Kaur, SGPC member Mr Gur Partap Singh Riar and Janata Party President Mr Ajay Jagga today attacked the local MP and union minister of state for finance for dishing out false promises for the last 15 years and repeating it this time too, to befool the people of Chandigarh and get their votes.
In a statement issued today, these NDA leaders said the local MP is a past master in dishing out falsehoods. In spite of being a minister in the union government he has just been making promises and has failed to tell if he has fulfilled any of his promises. The NDA leaders said the villager of UT were told that houses built outside laldora will be regularised, these will be given power and water connections and adequate compensation will be given for acquired land. He is still doling out the same promises. The NDA leaders said Mr Pawan Bansal is the biggest enemy of Panchayati Raj. Five Panchayats of Chandigarh were disbanded when he was MP from Chandigarh during 1991-96 and Congress party was in power at the centre. A similar number of Panchayats has been disbanded during this five year term when he has been a minister at the centre. The NDA leaders asked village voters to question Mr Bansal on his promises and performance when he comes for their votes.
The NDA leaders further added that Congress candidate had promised trading community that Balanced Rent Act will be implemented in Chandigarh but nothing has been done towards this so far. Congress had promised to create one crore jobs every year but during the last year alone more then one crore jobs have been lost. Dalit communities of Chandigarh were promised issue of Scheduled caste certificates but this still remains a paper promise. He has been promising ownership rights to type 13 house residents but even now it remains an empty promise. Colony residents have been mislead into believing that they will be given built up houses but all they got were tin boxes which bake residents in summers and chill them in winters.
NDA leaders said housing board houses being sold for 7-8 lakhs till some years back started being sold for 35-40 lakhs apiece as soon as Mr Bansal became minister in the union government. He is now promising affordable houses to all. During the last elections Congress party had promised “Congress ka hath aam admi ke sath” but the hand of Congress reached for the throat of the common man who is hit hard by high prices. NDA leaders said Congress which claims to be the most secular party ask for Muslim support saying BJP is a threat to the Muslim and asks for Sikh votes in gurdwaras saying Congress alone can look after the interests of the Sikhs. This party is misleading people of all religions in the name of religion; obviously this is the most communal party.
The NDA leaders said with one voice that all NDA leaders are together and are working hard to ensure the victory of Mr Satya Pal Jain who is candidate of the NDA. The kind of anger being seen against the Congress party in the city this time is a clear indication that the NDA candidate will win with a massive margin

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