Independent Ajay Goyal on voter apathy

Ajay Goyal, Chandigarh independent says there is deep and widespread resentment in voters against all political parties. Ajay Goyal campaigned today April 30th in Grain Market of Sector 26, Bapu Dham colony, Transport Area of Sector 26, Mauli Jagran, Sector 31 D and 32D markets, Sector 34 D markets. ” A large number of people I talk to tell me they have lost all faith in political parties and their candidates. There is anger against all parties, all candidates and the prevalent corruption in the country. People just do not want to vote.”

“People are also insulted by the noisy hoo-ha organized by party candidates.They plant flags all over. Some of them are out of their mind. We want parties to treat us with respect.”

Ajay Goyal is covering lot of ground with his energetic one-to-one campaign in Chandigarh.” But more and more I am having to tell people to just vote – vote for anyone – because it is our sacred duty to India. People say they do not feel any party is worthy of their vote.”

“I am not surprised,” said Goyal, “as parties and candidates are only involved in mud slinging against each other.

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