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Sikh Migrant Welfare Society extends support to Satya Pal Jain

“Those supporting Congress party did not care for the riot affected”
                             1984 Sikh Migrant Welfare Society (SMWS) has decided to support Mr Satya Pal Jain the BJP Akali Dal candidate for Chandigarh Lok Sabha constituency. This was announced here by office bearers in a press conference. They informed media that a decision to this effect has been taken unanimously in a meeting of the society.

Mr Harjit Singh Minhas a spokesman of the society said he was greatly pained by the decision of some gurudwara committee office bearers to support the Congress party in the coming elections to the Lok Sabha elections. He questioned the motive of those gurudwara committee office bearers who have promised support to Congress party which is guilty of genocide of Sikhs in 1984. He recalled that these gurdwara committee office bearers had made no efforts to find out the condition of those affected by the riots or help these.

Addressing the media Mr Minhas said that about 350 families affected by the 1984 riot are currently living in Chandigarh. The funds received by the Chandigarh administration from the centre for 95 of these families have not been passed on to the victims till this time. Office bearers of the society charged the Congress party with using Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as a pawn as it had used the former President Gyani Zail Singh and former home minister Buta Singh etc. They cautioned the voters against falling in to this trap of the Congress party.

Leaders of the SWMS said in spite of deaths of thousands of innocent Sikhs and Hindus during the 1984 genocide so far majority of the killers have not been punished. Allotment of election tickets to some of those believed to be guilty of inciting and leading the genocide has been cancelled due to vociferous public opposition but some members belonging to families of inciters and leaders of those responsible for genocide are still in election fray as Congress candidates. They said as the Congress party has not punished those guilty of genocide there is no question of supporting the Congress party.

Those present in the press conference included M/s Menhga singh, Gurjeet Singh, Manjeet Singh Dheeraj, Amrik Singh Soni, Amarjeet Singh Ghai and Harbans Singh among others.

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