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Jain Samaj support Satya Pal Jain, Public Felicitation on May 5

photo111Uttaranchal Welfare Assocaition, Chandigarh & Rohilla Sabha also lend support
The election campaign of Sh. Satya Pal Jain got a major boost today as the entire Jain Samaj decided to vote and support for Sh. Jain, the BJP candidate for Chandigarh Lok Sabha constituency. The announcement was made by the representatives of all the four sects of Jain Samaj, i.e., Digambar Jain Society, SS Jain Sabha, Atmanand Jain Society and Tera Panth Samaj.

The announcement was made jointly by Sh Rakesh Jain, President, SS Jain Mahasabha, Punjab; Sh. SK Jain, General Secretary, SS Jain Mahasabha, Punjab; Sh. Radhe Shyam Jain, President, SS Jain Mahasabha, Haryana; Sh JP Jain, General Secretary, SS Jain Mahasabha, Haryana, at Amar Jain Hostel, Sector 27 where a large number of Jain devotees had come to decide on their course of action for the Chandigarh Lok Sabha elections. Present at the occasion were Sh. Prem Chand Jain, Chairman, Tera panth Jain Samaj; Sh Gora Lal Jain, President, Tera Panth Jain Samaj; Sh Kishori Lal, General Secretary, Digambar Jain Society; Sh Deep Chand Jain, Navratan Jain, Rajinder Jain, all members, Digambar Jain Society; and Sh. Bhushan Jain, Atmanand Jain Society were also joined the leaders making announcement to support Mr Jain. Besides, it was also announced that the Jain Samaj will felicitate Sh Satya Pal Jain on May 5.

In a meeting of the Executive Committee of Uttaranchal Welfare Association, unanimously decided to support Mr Satya Pal Jain, BJP candidate from Chandigarh for ensuing Lok Sabha election. It was also decided to appeal all residents of Uttaranchal to vote for Sh. Satya Pal Jain. Similarly, a meeting of the executive committee of Rohilla Sabha, Chadigarh held under the chairmanship of its President Sh. Jagdish Rohilla, also decided to vote and support for Sh Satya Pal Jain.

Mr. Jaswinder Singh, a social activist, who is also associated with Loins Club, visited the party office along with more than 250 of his supporters and announced support to Sh Satya Pal Jain.

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