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Kirron: 60-year-old brilliants better than 25-year-old floozy

The battle amaong two star applicants in Chandigarh, Aam Aadmi Party’s Gul Panag and Bharatiya Janata Party’s Kirron Kher. Gul Panga and kirron kher are being compete out not just on the lanes , but on Twitter as well Kirron Kher’s answer to Gul Panag’s on tweet “There are 25-year-olds who are lady, 60-year-olds who are genious” . This Twitter war between them was untoward. There are latest conversation in between Deputy Editor Sagarika Ghose and kirron kher’s from this interview:

Sagarika Ghose: What you say about the Twitter war that you are having with your competitor party Gul Panag. Gul Panga said you are 60 and You said life starts at 60.

Kirron Kher: Gul panga didn’t tell I am 60. She told 60-year-olds should relinquish. “I think retirement should be decided by people whether they can physically and mentally knob something. You have 25’s who are floozy and you have 60’s who are bright.”

Sagarika Ghose: Is it a small untoward to have a Twitter war with your competitor?

Kirron Kher: I am not about to let somebody else get away. You
pulled the first punch, I will blemish.

Kirron Kher tweeted, “My dad is 101 years old and still
happening. He said, ‘Best of Luck Puttar. You have Always been
winner.’ For me Life starts at 60.”

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