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One Last Attempt To Cultivate Voters- Gul Panag, Kirron Kher

The last day for electioneer in Chandigarh, AAP candidate Gul Panag and BJP candidate Kirron Kher make last final crack to cultivate their citizen.

Both the leading lady has shed their ‘fascinating’ filmy poster in order to attach with the common persons. While Gul Panag is seen contest around the city on her bike and even using public transport, Kirron Kher too is seen enrobe salwar kameez while politicking.

And their follower base includes an bundle of well known personalities. Raghu Ram, a famous reality show host was seen supporter for Gul, Bollywood hero Anil Kapoor came down to Chandigarh to support Kirron Kher. Kirron’s life partner and actor Anupam Kher too has been by his wife’s Kirron side and is also seen tweeting about their activities. Anupam Kher is said that through tweet- “On my to Chandigarh for the Last day of contest. Jai Ho.”

The two famous actresses have also used media to the fullest, sharing every element of their election muckrake. While Gul Panag recently interacted with youth of the Panjab University, Kher was seen collaborate with peoples in Sector 23.

Gul said that on tweet “Hello Chandigarh! City has been kind & acceptable and what a abutment it has given during our offensive,Thanks” and kirron said that on tweet-“ Today is the last day for campaigning. I will be wander through the city seeking your blessings. Jai Ho.

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