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Pawan Kumar Bansal One Of The Candidate Who Nominated From Chandigarh

Pawan Kumar Bansal is candidate of Congress Party. Pawan kumar bansal is a favored congress youth leader in Chandigarh. Pawan kumar bansal was a general secretary of Chandigarh Territorial youth congress in1976. Former Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal was re-suggested of Congress from Chandigarh on Wednesday. Aside the “taint” arguments as it released the second list of 71 candidates. Who includes film star Nagma in merut. Youth Congress Satav from Hingoli.

Pawan kumal bansal had to resign from the cabinet and wake of Rs ten crore cash for post. The 66 year old Congress leader has defines the constituency of Chandigarh in the 10th, 13th, 14th and 15th Lok Sabha. As the Chandhigarh defined in the Lok Sabha, Pawan kumar bansal have strived to quiken the pace of city’s development. Pawan kumar bansal said that, “I have increase employment opportunities in the services sector, Upgraded social infrastructure, development of beautiful parks of in every sector of Chandigarh and with walkways in all sectors, new community centers, and good health services.”

Pawan kumar bansal said that,” I am both hopeful with Chandigarh people’s supported, if Chandigarh People supported me I have increase the good government educations.”

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