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Winning Gul Panag Can Resolve CHB People Issues

Lok Sabah election gathered momentum in Chandigarh various organization have setting their insistence and agenda in front of lok Sabah parties. People Chandigarh problem related to spreading out of Lal Dora to in order of changes in CHB house and changing bylaws are some of the demands that all the political parties in the city are sitting up and taking note of.

Lal Dora refers to that part of traditional village land that can be used for non agriculture purpose for support livestock .This act as boundary some development authority and local body with which the overarching standard. Even sever year after the submitted an affidavit in the court the UT Admistration failed to keep its pledge of regularsing construction outside the Lal Dora. Some of the issue of the  such community  Gul  Panag says   “the election have given chance  for these to become focus  if resident assure uphold the parties  that would  stand up for their  demands”.

Nirmal Datt, President of CHB residents ‘federation says.” We have been contending and desperate with all the parties, he says none them party resolve her issue all these years despite assertion.

The villager says in the city demanding increasing as their families growing there was a need continued.

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