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Kirron Kher’s father retd Col Thakar Singh makes choice

Kirron Kher’s father resigned colonel, 101-year-old Thakar Singh makes his choice at division 8 in Chandigarh. He was joined by Kirron Kher.meanwhile, Four-time Congress MP from Chandigarh, Pawan Kumar Bansal and BJP¬† president Sanjay tandon additionally practiced their establishment.

Almost 7000 votes were surveyed in the first hour of voting in the city.

Despite the fact that low voter turnout was seen in the small hours on Thursday, long queues were seen at surveying stations in Dhanas and Maloya states and in Sectors 56 and 61.


In the mean time, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) competitor Gul Panag lef her Panchkula home in the morning to visit surveying stalls over the city.

In Chandigarh, in excess of six lakh voters will choose the destiny of 17 competitors.

Previous track pastor Pawan Kumar Bansal was cruising through pleasantly work as of late, however the Railgate outrage, in which his nephew was found taking a pay off from a senior line official, coupled with hostile to incumbency has made the fight harder for him.

Hollowed against him is actorcum-government official Kirron Kher of the Bharatiya Janata Party, a late decision pointed at drenching blazes of infighting around neighborhood pioneers of the BJP here. The three in fight for the ticket were the BJP’s city unit head Sanjay Tandon, previous union clergyman Harmohan Dhawan and previous MP Satya Pal Jain, who lost the last three continuous races to Bansal.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) additionally has a performing artist, Gul Panag, as its applicant, while the BSP has Jannat Jahan. Both are attempting to make the battle multi-cornered.

Bansal had won the seat by a record 58,000 votes last time. A ton has changed. Bansal is confronting the pollute of Railgate, moreover absence of advancement in states and towns.

The seat is partitioned into divisions, settlements (slums) and towns. Almost a large portion of the voters are from settlements and towns, and have a considerably greater say as customarily the turnout is higher here than in the areas. Bansal has been solid here, and likewise has a place with the dealer group that has about 20% voters.

In 2009, eyewitnesses say, the Sikh group, which constitutes around 16% of voters, likewise picked Bansal in light of PM Manmohan Singh being a Sikh. Right away, both Kirron and Gul are Sikh. Additionally, there are around 25,000 votes of ex-servicemen, and both Kirron and Gul originate from armed force families.

In provinces, BJP’s Dhawan has a hold. After a few switches of steadfastness and challenging the keep going race on the BSP ticket, he is presently in the saffron fold. The BJP is additionally in collusion with the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD), which has two councilors.

Kirron has had the capacity to get Tandon and Jain by her side, while Dhawan has vowed backing after beginning acid reflux. She is counts on the ‘Modi wave’.

The AAP, after the introductory hiccup including Savita Bhatti giving back where its due, has hit the battle field centering just as on the settlements and segments. A lively Gul had been dynamic in route to-entryway fight.

The BSP had got in excess of 61,000 votes last time, however that was when Dhawan was the applicant.

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